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1-2013 Epiloges Epirus

A woman full of emotion and joy for life, Antigoni Katsouri knows very well, apart from creating and interpretating music and melodies with her own personal way and meke us travel to dream,  to live every moment and enjoy these beautiful things that are of her interest and make her happy as a personality. 


Winter 2012 Vivere

A musician with many studies and degrees on music (piano and voice) and many talents (with a distinction in painting and icon-making), and also a graduate of Athen's Law University, Antigoni is a charismatic woman, but most of all a positive and warm person, who doesn't hesitate to share her smile with everybody and to give positive messages at every chance... 



12-2012 Mousikorama

With her melodic voice, simplicity and clearness, just as it suits Hatzidaki's whole work, as well as with her piano - performance, full with sensitivity and sentiments, she granted unique moments to those who attend and honour good music, who proved once again to be many! Read more... 


30-3-2012 Radiotileorasi (Disc critic)

Fourteen songs - smiles decorate the second album of the unique Antigoni Katsouri, from which I distinguish "Ihes sta matia ena fos" (by Giannis Nikolaou) and "Zilevoune tous tolmirous" (duet with Lakis Papadopoulos).

28-6-2011 Mousikorama

In a full crowded room, with a special audience, Antigoni Katsouri impressed us once again at her last concert that she had in Athens' music hall "Oxigono", in 2 June 2011.
Having selected a very interesting, various and difficult repertoire, based on different kinds of music, adapted perfectly to her personality (e.g. Scorpions, Loreena McKennit, Dulce Pontes, Edith Piaf, Zaz, Manos Hatzidakis)... More...


9-3-2011 Mousikorama

"... with Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Antigoni Katsouri sang and played the keyboards especially 
talented singer, who performed difficult technically songs from the Greek and foreign repertoire, which included songs writen by Vassilis Papakonstantinou as well as songs from her debut cd, "Uranio Toxo", which was released recently. Antigoni's voice, full of melody, filled with excitement and movement the enthusiastic crowd, which clapped continuously, while ...." More...


28-02-2011 Newpaper "Proina Nea"

«….... the audience wouldn't stop clapping with enthousiasm even during the songs, creating an atmosphere that one cannot experience often... "


3-10-2010 Mousikorama

"Antigoni Katsouri's case is an ideal example of how a new artist, with dreams, principals,talent and self-awareness can impose her presence in the musical world, without being in need to get involved, in advance or subsequently, in any kind of clique and without making any musical or moral discounts.
Having as a weapon her richly infused talent in music and her intelligence, Antigoni is an artist who believes in the power of Will and dignity and she and does not want in any way to compromise on the quality of her music but or on her own personality. ... ... ... ...  For this reason, Antigoni, in the eyes of her audience, emerges not only as a great and riveting voice, but also as a person who goes against the status quo and represents her audience itself in this journey in the dream, pointing the way with her great modesty and sensitivity, but at the same time she doesn't leave the spirit of nowadays, since she is a modern girl who has a unique ability to catch, when necessary, the pulse and minds of younger and older people... ... ... Antigoni was also chosen to sing in concert for "Greekness" organized three months ago by the non-governmental organization of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, before the Patriarch and many elite guests at the War Museum of Athens, literally mesmerizing everyone with astonishing interpretations, and proving once more her ability to adapt perfectly to a wide and varied repertoire, depending on the case .... " More...


2-2010 Presscode

«"... It is not by coincidence but because of her multifaceted personality and unique mode of expression in interpretation, that Antigoni attracts in her gigs a diverse audience, to which she carefully adjusts each time her repertoire and she improvise in the most fitting way, having always in her mind, as anyone can see, the quality and the respect for her audience. "


11-2009 Difono

«IN MUSIC THROUGH LAW! In Antigoni Katsouri’s first album, style, rhythms and sounds stand together with a spirit of liberty... What is impressive in Antigoni’s case, in addition to the fact she has a lovely vocal timbre, a  refined musicality that reveals many years of musical studies etc) is the fact that ... / She released her first solo album as a singer – obviously a highly ambitious production… / her first nationwide tour,  with her group of musicians that consists of excellent Greek and foreign musicians ... .. 


7-7-2010 Mousikorama

« Antigoni Katsouri surprised us a few months ago with her first solo album, called “Uranio Tokso” (=Rainbow), a strong and optimistic work which literally emerged as a real Rainbow through the contemporary cloudy musical landscape , with a fresh, relaxing and airy mood, outstanding in all the various and multi-dimensional songs. Fascinating and great voice, vulnerable and full of "color" interpretation…” More...


30-10-2009 Difono (Disc critic)

".. I am sure that Antigoni’s beautiful and so unusual vocal timbre will not betray her!..." 


10-2009 O kosmos tu ependiti

"Obviously Antigoni Katsouri spent hours and hours for this disc, hiring five arrangers and twenty excellent musicians in the studio, to support the songs of her debut album...." 


8-9-2009 Newspaper "Ipirotika Nea"

“Antigoni Katsouri, a particularly popular musician in our town, was invited to perform in the gala in honour of Michael Dukakis and everyone was impressed by her presence and interpretation, which.... .. she gave us unique musical moments, performing and playing the piano...enthusiasm with the musicality and sensitivity of her


7 & 8 /2009 Epiloges

«"A star is born!" (multi-page tribute


24-6-2009 Proina Nea

"... Clear, full of melody voice and sensitive interpretation that highly impressed us...


11-4-2009 Proinos Logos

"With musical education!  Antigoni Katsouri is a talented artist, with musical education and morals! Those who follow her (and those who follow her are many!), have now the opportunity to listen to her debut cd, which includes very nice songs! Antigone Katsouri has many talents that are evident in the music world ... "


12-3-2009 Proina Nea

"An Artist with true education!  God gave her many presents, such as her voice and her physical appearance ... Mrs. Katsouri adorns the artistic world and deserves the attention of all those who love the good, quality music. I'm sure after some time all over Greece – and not only, people will be talking about her .. "


1-2009 VIP

"The young singer Antigoni Katsouri reveals herself and sings to us, sharing with us positiveness and optimism..." 



"... Great songs ... great voice ... unique lyrics .. listen and travel !!!»



"She is a remarkable and delightful woman who wins right away ... / the cd’s production has been very carefully carried out from every aspect (music, lyrics, e-xofyllo, multi-page color booklet with dozens of photographs and graphics)”


5-09-2009 sohos

"Rainbow of colors and melodies from unique pop, ambient and world sounds in unusual combinations ...! A special album from Antigoni Katsouri, like a real Rainbow emerging from the hazy musical landscape, fresh, relaxing and airy. Fascinating and great voice, sensitive interpretation, in a spectacular result. Excellent musicians, among whom Perisynakis Paris, Alexander Arkadopoulos, Vangelis Karipis, Thomas Constantine, and many others ... .. " More...


16-01-2001 alashop

"... With her freshness, passion and talent Antigoni may sing just to the accompaniment of a piano, giving an impressive result” More...


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