Uranio Toxo

ToxoUranio toxo (= Rainbow ) is a special album, emerging from the contemporary cloudy musical landscape like a real Rainbow, optimistic and dynamic!

Antigoni Katsouri's first personal cd (released by Protasis), contains songs composed by Vassilis Kazoulis, Ilias Katelanos, Aris Klisouras and herself (Antigoni Katsouri), which combine different musical styles, such as ethnic, pop, jazz and ambient and they all share a common feeling of serenity and a relaxing fresh mood.




A sensitive and full of colours voice, an ambitious production displaying four arrangers and twenty skilled musicians in a big variety of instruments such as : piano, toxo websynth, saxophone, trumpet, trombon, clarinet, kaval, accordeon, lyra, guitars (acoustic, electric etc), oud, lute, kanun, mandolin, violin, cello, electric bass, contrabass, cajon, drums, percussion etc, while some of the top musicians which take part in this work, are : Giannis Kirimkyridis, Thomas Konstantinou, Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos, Christos Moralis, Alexandros Arkadopoulos, Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos, Nikos Kapilidis, Dimitris Karaganis, Vaggelis Karipis, Kostas Kefalas, Kostas Liolios, Paris Perisynakis, Christos Pikridas, Giannis Plagiannakos, Alexandros Tsamis and Giorgos Zafeiriou.

cd webThe physical cd contains also special artwork in many aspects, such as a 20-pages color booklet with dozens of photographs and graphics.



Buy the CD for your personal cd-library (including poster, autograph, the detailed translation of the lyrics in english, along with their pronunciation) - with NO charge for mailing expenses.




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